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The Perrin Method™, created by Master Painter Dennis Perrin. 

A virtual course with Dennis Perrin and team is more than just teaching about technique and picture making. It's a comprehensive experience on how to think about painting, where a painting comes from, a self-examination of the question "Why Paint?" as well as a thorough exploration of color, value, temperature, technique and materials.

Joining a Perrin Method™ Course ensures a complete exposure to the lineage of the great painters historically, and an immersion in the full enjoyment of the Creative Process. By teaching students to imagine and visualize their completed paintings, Perrin provides the student with an infallible road map to the successful completion of any creative project.

"Manifesting a painting is no different than manifesting any other experience in our lives."

– Dennis Perrin

  • “I have studied with many nationally known painters. But this class and its cutting edge presentation has truly been inspirational. Reviewing the videos numerous times has finally cemented a process that is entirely new to me! Dennis' commentary also has led me to a whole new way of thinking in the abstract so that I am painting the essence of a subject, not a realistic rendition. I am excited beyond words and am looking forward to the next segment.”


    The Perrin Method™ Student

  • “There is no doubt that learning the Perrin Method has improved my painting skills . The calm manner of presentation, visualization and reflective thoughts of our instructor have led me to a higher level on the ‘reason’ why I want to paint and gives me determined purpose to continue to learn and to grow. I have enjoyed this plein air experience immensely. I felt like I was right there with you at the pond and watching Aimee chase squirrels at the park. Besides the technical aspects of the course, it was the genuine camaraderie that uplifted my spirits and gave me that eagerness to learn more and put it into action. I was not able to get outdoors as much as I would have liked but there are days and months ahead with plein air from my window. Blessings to all of you.”


    The Perrin Method™ Student

  • “Dennis, This course (and the other one I took) have been amazing. I’ve learned so much, changed so much, love the water soluble oils, changed my whole studio set up, the way I think about painting, etc. Can’t thank you enough and everyone who participates as well. So much gratitude.”


    The Perrin Method™ Student


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Off we go!

Aimee and I packing up to go on tour with our first stop at the Art Loft in Dahlonega, Georgia. This a quaint foothill town about an hour north of Atlanta that we visited last year at the start of our cross country tour. Our host is the dynamic Anita Elder, a powerhouse of Southern charm who has transformed her abode into a an art workshop Mecca. We're excited to kick off our tour with Anita and her delightful band of intrepid artists.

From Dahlonega we travel to Louisiana, home of cajuns,...

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Well Underway

With a furious dash South, Aimee and I arrived in Dahlonega, GA, on Tuesday evening. The temps had soared into the 80's, for us a welcome respite from the frigid New England winter. But it proved to be a cruel deception as the following day the temps plummeted and a freeze warning was issued.

Whaat?!! This felt like we had unintentionally brought the cold scourge to the warm, springy South. Oh, well, out came the jackets.

On Thursday the workshop at The Art Loft opened with a packed house.


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Old Home Week and Other Musings

After a highly successful weekend in Georgia at the Art Loft, where we made new friends and renewed some older ones, we dashed to Louisiana for our next workshop this weekend in Jennings. How special it has been to return to my roots in Louisiana, reconnecting with the people, the sights, the smells, and the myriad moods of this sultry, incandescent corner of the world.

We are fortunate to have the entire week to re-explore and re-discover all that is old as if it were new. I am fascinated by...

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Come to a workshop!

Dennis will be teaching a handful of live workshops across the US in the fall of 2018. If you've always wanted to learn from the Master Painter in person, this is your opportunity.

Workshops currently scheduled in Arizona, California, and Colorado in the fall of 2018. 

Stay tuned for our New England schedule announced soon!



Study with the Master in Person

From New England based workshops and beyond.